Digital Education Kits

Bring the past to life wherever your classroom is!

Hey educators, parents and caregivers! Bring the Fort experience into your classroom, whatever your classroom looks like! Work at your own pace with curricular-based learning through exploration, discovery and play.



Digital Education Kit 1 - Kindergarten – Grade 2

From testing out recipes from the past to designing your own historical costume to look just like kids from history, discover what school was like in Edmonton over 100 years ago!

Digital Education Kit 1

Digital Education Kit 2 - Animal Trackings in the Wild

Take a walk in the River Valley, or explore your neighbourhood and see what you can learn with our Animal Tracking in the Wild Kit.

 Digital Education Kit 2

Digital Education Kit 3 - Je suis Métis

Explore how the Métis peoples valued family and celebration through music and dance. From kitchen parties, feasts, rituals and kinship, the Métis shared community in their homes. 


Digital Education Kit 3