Fort Edmonton Park is a leader in cultural tourism, offering local, regional, and international guests a truly interactive and memorable experience. Our expansive, multi-attraction space
provides a community gathering place for guests, whether a park visit, a private function, or a special event. Every visit is a new adventure filled with immersive and unique experiences.

Fort Edmonton Park is managed by Fort Edmonton Management Company (FEMCo). FEMCo operates Fort Edmonton Park with a focus on enterprise and efficiency. In 2018, FEMCo embarked on an exciting new strategic direction to make Fort Edmonton Park the premier cultural tourism attraction in Western Canada. This transformation continues today, guided by a focus on relevant experiences, accessibility, financial sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

Join us as we continue on the journey to elevate the Fort Edmonton Park experience. We would love the opportunity to discuss how your brand could be a fit. 

Contact our team at info@fortedmontonpark.ca