Indigenous Peoples Experience

iyiniwak okiskêyihtamowiniwaw

Gather and explore life through the diversity of First Nations' and Métis peoples' histories, cultures, experiences, and perspectives, local to Indigenous life in the Beaver Hills, or Edmonton region. 

Deep conversations with over fifty Indigenous Elders, historians, educators, and community members informed the content. The stories, music, artwork, and text in the experience come from local Indigenous perspectives and voices, gathered through engagement with local Indigenous communities, historical documents, and research. 

These stories, teachings, and memories have been passed through millennia. They reflect a rich and resilient history and deep connection to the land and seasons. Whether in Cree, Dene, Anishinaabe, Nakota, Blackfoot, or Michif, this shared knowledge is timeless. It does not just exist in the past. It is here today.