Our Guide to Surviving DARK

Fear Always Finds You...

DARK has officially returned to Fort Edmonton Park! Find out what lingers deep in the shadows of Edmonton’s River Valley..From haunts in the countryside, to nightmares at the circus, horror themed quiz nights, and virtual craft cocktail experiences - prepare yourself for an unforgettable month of chills, haunts and horrors at Fort Edmonton Park! 

Gather your crew and buckle up for a terrifying experience like no other. Good luck getting through this one, friends. Your DARK ticket includes three haunts plus access to an outdoor Halloween festival with food, beverages, and live entertainment. And don’t miss the return of The Raveyard! Look for local DJ Thomas Culture aka ‘The Groove Digger” at the Midway White Tent every night of DARK to get your groove on!

DARK Tip: Please note, it can take up to 3 hours to get the full experience, give yourself plenty of time! The event is suitable for ages 14+.

Let’s break down the best way to experience DARK this season! 


DARK includes three spine-chilling experiences that will haunt you to your core. Whatever evil you encounter, you can be sure this is what nightmares are made of. 

Under the Big Top 

All is not as it seems in the Big Top Tent on the Midway. What was supposed to be a magical night at the circus quickly turns into a nightmare. A killer clown and his sinister minions take control of the circus and find amusement in tearing their audience apart and then sewing the bodies back together. Will you be forced to run away and join this circus?

DARK Tip: Hold on tight to your crew in the mirror maze, you'd hate to get separated!

Core Industries 

Two years ago, a fungal parasite outbreak occurred at Core Industries, gruesomely mutating and controlling the workers. The lab has been sealed shut ever since, locking those left behind inside to suffer an unimaginable fate. You are assigned to join a special operative team and head inside for the first time since the outbreak to assess the carnage and retrieve a sample of the fungus. We’re confident that enough time has gone by to curb the infection inside, but your instant dread tells you otherwise. 

DARK Tip: Be wary of what lurks deep beneath the surface of The Lab...

Blood Harvest 

It’s Halloween night, and you’re driving home through an eerie countryside shortcut when your car breaks down. Luckily, you see a house with a light on at the end of the road decorated with scarecrows for Halloween. Unluckily for you, this family, after a desperately bleak farming year, made a deal with the devil to ensure their next harvest would be a success. In exchange for better crops, the demon took their souls, twisted them into bloodthirsty shadows of their former selves, and condemned them to harvest victims’ blood to water their crops. 

DARK Tip: Whatever you do, don’t trust the scarecrows!

Foodies Unite

Customize your DARK experience this season and add our Food & Beverage Tickets. Enjoy delectable eats from local food trucks: Curbside, Jackie O’s Sweet Treats, Spaghetti Cone Food Truck and Laker Coffee. Plus, you won’t want to miss the delightfully terrifying adult cocktails. 

Never fear, there's plently of ways to experience DARK from home this year! 


Awaken your spirits with a virtual DARK craft cocktail experience, hosted by Rig Hand Distillery. Your Spirit Box includes a sinfully delicious assortment of spirits, cocktail mixes and other DARK surprises to create a truly chilling night for you and your friends. Simply follow along as your wicked host virtually shows you how to make three Halloween-themed cocktails that are sure to please your dark side. 

DARK Tip: Don’t forget to pick up your Mixology kit in advance to your event. Pickups at the Front Entry Plaza Saturday, Sunday and Wednesdays. 

Buy Mixology Tickets 

Quiz Night

Quiz Night is back for a second year in a row. Tune into Instagram Live every Monday night in October at 7:00 pm MDT for all things creepy, gruesome and blood curdling! Our horror host will test your knowledge of terror and you’ll have a chance to win some truly wicked prizes! 

DARK Tip: Next week’s theme is Mad Science!

Stay at the Hotel Selkirk after DARK

Did you know you can stay the night at the Hotel Selkirk following your DARK experience? Room rates start at $159 based on double occupancy and include a DARK cocktail in the hotel lobby and a surprise escort to the event.

To check availability or book your room, contact: hotelselkirk@fortedmontonpark.ca.

*DARK tickets must be purchased separately online.

DARK Merch

From cozy hoodies, to classic tees and toques show off your love for DARK this October! Scoop up your DARK merch by Elite Promo Marketing this season. Available on-site during DARK at Fort Edmonton Park. 

Bundle Up

Did you know that 75% of DARK is outdoors? The event continues rain, shine or cold. Parts of the event will be indoors, and there will be spaces available to warm up; however, don’t forget to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Remember, it can be a few degrees cooler in the river valley. We encourage you to bring extra layers and don’t forget your face mask. 

Safety Protocols

While we can't protect you from all the horrors that await, the park will be following the Government of Alberta’s Restriction Exemption Program and Safety COVID-19 protocols. 

All guests will be required to show proof of vaccination, a negative test result, or have documentation of a medical exemption in order to enter our facility. Physical distancing, regular hand sanitizing, and masking indoors is also required.

We respect all our patrons’ decisions and appreciate all your support. Doing our part to keep the public and our staff & volunteers safe is our top priority. And please be aware, costumes, costumed masks and face paint are not permitted at DARK.  

Do you have what it takes? Grab your DARK tickets today!

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