Volunteerism is a century old tradition in Edmonton, reaching back to pioneer times when early citizens started school boards, clubs and community leagues. Today, Fort Edmonton Park is brought to life by over 600 volunteers!

A wide variety of fun and rewarding volunteer opportunities exist at Fort Edmonton Park. Whether you enjoy interacting with visitors from all over the world or helping behind the scenes, get involved:

  • Bringing historic characters to life
  • Cultivating heritage gardens
  • Sharing your heritage skills and trades like blacksmithing, sewing, carpentry, automobile maintenance, boat-building, musical performance, baking and more
  • Supporting and enjoying live theatre by creating costumes and building exhibits
  • Fundraising
  • Researching
  • Enriching special events, including Halloween’s Spooktacular and Christmas Reflections

Listen to our Podcast on Volunteering at Fort Edmonton Park, courtesy of Laura Nichol:

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