Our Past, My Story

Spring Field Trip

Outdoors at Fort Edmonton Park

Grades 1-3

What did your community look like 100 years ago? How do you think your family would have lived? Explore what a kid’s everyday life was in Edmonton back in time. Learn with your classmates about how people lived, ate and played, while using your own ideas for discovery.

Ask questions and compare what your life is now with a kid in 1905. Maybe they aren’t so different after all!


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Curriculum Links

Social Studies 

1.2 Moving Forward with the Past: My Family, My History and My Community

1.2.1 appreciate how stories and events of the past connect their families and communities to the present:

  • recognize how their families and communities might have been different in the past than they are today

1.2.2 analyze how their families and communities in the present are influenced by events or people of the past by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions for inquiry:

  • What is my family’s past in our community?
  • In what ways has my community changed over time (e.g., original inhabitants, ancestors, generations, ways of life)? 

2.2 A Community in the Past

2.2.1 appreciate how stories of the past connect individuals and communities to the present 

2.2.7 examine how the community being studied has changed, by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions for inquiry:

  • In what ways has our community changed over time (e.g., changes in transportation, land use)?
  • What has caused changes in their community?


English Language Arts 

1.2 Clarify and Extend  

Consider the ideas of others 

  • ask for the ideas and observations of others to explore and clarify personal understanding

2.1 Use Strategies and Cues 

Use prior knowledge 

  • share ideas developed through interests, experiences and discussion that are related to new ideas and information