Youth Group FAQ


Adult Supervisors

Adult supervisors are required to attend with your group in accordance with the following ratios:

  • Preschool: 1 adult per 3 children
  • K – Grade 6: 1 adult per 5 children
  • Grades 7 – 12: 1 adult per 10 children

These adults are included in your program fees. If you are unable to find the required number of adult supervisors for your group, please notify us.

A minimum of four adult helpers are required for this program.

Group Size

The maximum number of children permitted in a program is 30. Groups exceeding 30 children must book an additional program. Groups who arrive exceeding the maximum of 30 children or 40 people total will be charged additional fees after the program.

Name Tags

Please have your students wear name tags; this helps the interpreter acknowledge the students by name.

Special Needs

Please inform your interpreter, in advance of the program, about students with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, or medical concerns including allergies.

Program content and activity locations can be changed to include students with special needs.


Please prepare your students to spend time outdoors; advise them to dress appropriately for the weather. A portion of the program will be conducted outdoors. Your interpreter may allow for more indoor time during inclement weather.

Facility Guidelines

Fort Edmonton Park is a museum so please review acceptable museum behavior before the students arrive on site. At Fort Edmonton Park we encourage students to speak at a conversational level and to raise their hands when answering questions. Running is not allowed either inside or outside of our buildings. The artifacts on display are for viewing only. The interpretive guide will grant permission if certain artifacts can be touched. We ask that students respect boundaries such as ropes, fences, and signs to protect sensitive areas and to keep the students safe. Fort Edmonton Park’s interpreters are not responsible for disciplining misbehaving students. This is the responsibility of the teachers and adult supervisors who come with the group.

What to Bring

Please bring a backpack or bag so that you will be able to comfortably bring home the children’s crafts. It is also advisable to bring a sealable plastic container with you so that you can bring extra treats back to your school with you. If you wish to bring lunches, you may.


Arrival Procedures

Arrival in the Off Season or After Public Hours (September to Victoria Day Long Weekend)

For programs during these times your group can be dropped off on-site inside the Park.

The off season includes October through to the Victoria Day Long Weekend in May. For your convenience, share these instructions with any parents dropping children off. It will save your group much confusion when driving through the Park to reach the starting point.

Once you have gone under the Quesnell Bridge:
Continue straight ahead. Do not turn on to the main public parking lot. Take the FIRST RIGHT, at the sign that says: Fort Edmonton Park, Administration, Special Functions. Continue along this road, straight through the gate along the service road.

If the gate is closed, please dial the appropriate numbers provided at the gate into the keypad to the left of the gate. This will connect you to someone that will open the gate. If you have problems please call 780-496-8782.

Follow the service road all the way until it veers slightly left. At this point it turns to gravel and the Trading Post parking lot is just ahead.
The drop-off location is right here at the Fort Parking Lot.

Arrival in the On Season during Public Hours ( Victoria Day Weekened to end of Sepember)

For programs during these times your group cannot be dropped off on site inside the Park. For your convenience, share these instructions with any parents dropping children off.

Your interpretive guide(s) will meet you at the train station unless you specify otherwise. The interpretive guide(s) will be waiting for you at least 15 minutes before your program begins. If s/he is not there, please wait a few minutes because s/he may be coordinating details for your program (particularly if you have arrived later than expected.)

If your guide has not met you by the time your program starts, or within 5 minutes of your late arrival, please report an absent guide to administration upstairs in the Train Station at the entrance to the Park. If you are carrying a cell phone, call: 780-496-8782 or 780-496-7381.