Weddings Through Time Weekend


Weddings have evolved throughout the years, and this weekend is all about taking a look back on the marriage traditions of decades past. From 1846 to the roaring 1920s, you’ll be able to take part in and get an inside look at authentically recreated wedding nuptials.

Discover what was required of fur traders to marry their sweethearts, how the customs of bachelor and bachelorette parties have changed over time, and see the differences in traditional wedding dress through the decades in a number of interactive wedding-themed events.

Wedding Weekend Events — July 22 – 23


1846 Fort

Getting Permission to Wed
11:00 AM – 15 minute program
Fort Courtyard
Never mind the father-of-the-bride, Fur Trade bachelors had to ask their boss’ consent in order to marry! Watch and support our love-sick labourer as he asks the Chief Factor for permission to wed his sweetheart.

A Country Marriage
11:30 AM – 15 minute program
Fort Courtyard
Watch the young labourer and his bride get married in Marriage à la façon du pays (‘according to the custom of the country’) since there’s no missionary present to wed them.

A Rundle Wedding
12:00 PM – 15 minute program
Fort Courtyard
Watch as the newly returned Reverend Rundle blesses the young labourer and his bride in this lovely commitment ceremony.


1885 Street

Trials Of the Groom
11:00 AM – 90 minute program
Ottewell Homestead
Meet the soon-to-be groom and help coach him on what to expect in married life, including helping him understand the ‘burdens’ of marriage.

Bachelorette Tea
11:00 AM – 60 minute program
Kenneth MacDonald House
Meet to the excited bride-to-be and her entourage of ladies in this lovely Victorian tea ceremony.

Victorian Wedding
1:00 PM – 30 minute program
McDougall Methodist Church
Attend the joyous traditional Victorian wedding of the groom and bride-to-be.


1905 Street

Trousseau Tea
11:00 AM
Rutherford House
The ladies have gathered to help the bride-to-be prepare for her married life. Join them for tea, treats, and marriage advice!

Scottish Stag
11:00 AM – 1 hour program
Penny Arcade
The gentlemen have their own way of sending the groom off to married life. Find out what an Edwardian bachelor party looks like.

Edwardian Wedding
2:00 PM – 40 minute program
St. Anthony’s Church
The happy couple invites you to celebrate with them as they start their new married life together in a traditional Edwardian wedding.


1920 Street

Where Do You Think You’re Going, Young Lady?
11:00 AM – 15 minute program
A young woman is all dressed up for a date with her beau. Find out what happens when she’s about to leave and is confronted by a concerned parental figure about her behaviour.

Wedding Licenses
1:30 PM – 30 minute program
H.B. Klines offers a wide variety of services, including wedding licenses. Learn how this joyous service might land you in a heap of trouble, though!

Jazz Age Wedding
3:00 PM – 30 minute program
A white dress and a veil, a modern car, music and dancing! Participate in a roaring 1920s-style modern wedding — it’s all the rage!

Johnny J. Jones Midway

Carnie Wedding
3:30 PM – 30 minute program
Come one, come all to the not-to-be-missed carnie wedding, where you can witness an unusual 3-way wedding between a half-man/half-woman and 2 carnie suitors!


Guided Tours

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM – 2 hour tour
Start at the Courtyard Flagpole
Accompany our knowledgeable tour guide on a fascinating and informative two-hour walking tour of Fort Edmonton Park as they share stories and tales from Edmonton’s rich past.

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