Volunteering FAQ’s

How do I become a volunteer?

We’re so excited that you want to get involved! The first step is to make a profile on our secure database.

On our database you’ll see the opportunities for which we are currently recruiting. Since we want to ensure your volunteer experience is engaging, supported, and fun, we limit recruitment to those opportunities upcoming, and try to ensure there are plenty of activities for all of our over 600 volunteers to participate in.

We also frequently offer Open Houses, a drop in opportunity to meet our team and learn more about possible opportunities and whether they’re a good fit for you.

For most positions, a short meeting or mini-interview is required, followed by a few training sessions. Once you’ve signed up, we will be in touch to schedule a meeting or invite you to an informal Open House to get to know you better and help cater your volunteer experience!


When can I attend a New Volunteer Orientation?

Once you’ve signed up and been assigned for volunteer positions, you’ll attend a New Volunteer Orientation where you will learn more about Fort Edmonton Park, our volunteer program and opportunities, procedures and safety. We will take you on a tour of the site and process your Police Information Check at that time. Orientations are scheduled to train you in advance of specific volunteer opportunities, so that you are confident and prepared for your volunteer shifts.

Once you’ve been assigned for a shift, we will be in touch to schedule your orientation.


 Did my application go through? I think I signed up, but I’m not sure if it worked?

We hope our database is user-friendly, but we know all computer systems have their kinks. Once you’ve submitted your application, you should receive an email of welcome from our Volunteer Services team automatically. After we’ve had a chance to review your application, we’ll be in touch to schedule more specific training or meetings.

You are welcome to start signing up for opportunities, but please note that by signing up, you simply are stating your interest in participating in that volunteer role. Assignments are made hopefully within a week of signing up, on a first come first serve basis (unless other screening is required, like an interview) to fully qualified volunteers who have completed an orientation.

We will contact you to confirm your shift, or to let you know if an opportunity is full. We thank you for your patience; our reply may take about a week to confirm since we want to take the time to consider the best fit for the team for the hundreds of volunteers who apply.


How are volunteers screened? What qualifications do I need to volunteer?

We want every volunteer role at Fort Edmonton Park to be rewarding and fullfilling for the volunteer, and fit is important! Each volunteer position is different in its qualifications: some require interviews and references, as well as additional training. See specific opportunities for more info. Please note that some roles require a Police Information Check (completed on site and paid for by FEP).

One of our key initial screening methods is to get to know you at one of our Open Houses offered throughout the year. Sign up to get notifications about upcoming Open Houses.


What kinds of volunteer opportunities does Fort Edmonton Park offer?

There is something for everyone at Fort Edmonton park, whether you enjoy visiting with the public or working behind the scenes. Check out the full list of our annual opportunities here, as well as the positions for which we are currently recruiting.


Can I volunteer to do something that isn’t listed in the current opportunities?

Many of our positions are seasonal, so if the position you are interested in isn’t recruiting currently, you are encouraged to select it as an “interest” in your profile and you will be contacted when recruitment begins.

If there is a volunteer opportunity that your skills and talent would be perfect for, email us at volunteer@fortedmontonpark.ca to tell us about your idea!


How old do you have to be to volunteer?

Volunteers of any age can get involved at Fort Edmonton Park and we’ve engaged volunteers from a few months old, to 90 years of age! Volunteers under the age of 13 must volunteer with a parent or guardian who can help to facilitate their experience and provide supervision. Our Youth Leadership positions are designed to engage youth from 13-17 years with staff mentors to guide their learning.  Some positions are designed for volunteers 16+ or 18+, see specific postings for more information.


How much time must I commit to volunteering?

We ask that volunteers commit to donating a minimum of 20 hours of their time over a year through any opportunities we offer. Some specific roles require a greater or more consistent commitment; see specific roles for more details. Once you’ve volunteered 20 hours, your volunteer benefits kick in, including discounts, passes, and an invitation to our annual recognition celebration.


Can my family volunteer together? My group of friends?  My corporation?

Yes! We have a variety of opportunities that are specifically designed for groups, whether it be for family bonding, corporate team building, or a way to spend time doing good works with your friends. Many of these opportunities are flexible and based on your availability.

We believe that getting kids involved in volunteering early is a great way to support their community spirit and skill development. To ensure the safety and success of our young volunteers, we require children under the age of 13 to volunteer with a parent or guardian over the age of 18. A maximum of three children under 13 may volunteer with one adult. Children may volunteer with an adult other than their parent, provided a permission slip is provided.

If you have a group that would like to volunteer together, contact us at volunteer@fortedmontonpark.ca to design a great experience for your group.


Do I get to wear a historic costume?

Costumed Interpreters and Junior Costumed Interpreters wear historic costumes specific to their time period, while other positions wear Fort Edmonton Park T-shirts or other logo wear to allow the flexibility to move throughout the site. Costumes are incredibly valuable and specific training is provided before costumes are fitted and issued. Your Fort Edmonton Park T-shirt is yours to keep after you’ve contributed 20 hours!


Does volunteering at Fort Edmonton Park help me gain employment in the future?

Yes! Many of our volunteers have developed valuable skills in our volunteer programs that have lead to careers both at Fort Edmonton Park and throughout the heritage industry. Our volunteer program strives to connect you to a team of professionals who can offer mentorship and professional development. As a volunteer, you develop a familiarity with the site, the content, our approach and our team that is invaluable when applying for work. As a unionized environment, we value transparency and consistency, and therefore proper application and interview processes are followed for every candidate. If you would like to receive emails about new job opportunities sign up here and set your “Interests” to include “Future Employment Opportunities”


Do I have to be a history buff to volunteer?

No. All levels of knowledge are welcome and Fort Edmonton Park is a great place to discover and learn history. Historic facts can be taught; bring your passion and enthusiasm and we will empower you to learn! 


Can people of all races, cultures and ethnic backgrounds volunteer at the park?

Yes! Fort Edmonton Park wants to tell the story of all the cultures of our city. Race, culture or ethnic background do not stop a person from volunteer or paid work on our team. Ask us how your unique cultural background can be part of the story of Edmonton (volunteer@fortedmontonpark.ca).


How do I volunteer to work on or drive the Street Cars?

Fort Edmonton Park’s street cars are proudly run by our partners, the Edmonton Radial Rail Society. To learn more and get involved, visit: http://www.edmonton-radial-railway.ab.ca/


I don’t live in Edmonton, can I still volunteer?


Yes! As long as your commute doesn’t prevent you from meeting your volunteer commitment, we are happy to have volunteers from “out of town”, especially since local towns also had a historic impact on Edmonton’s development. If your volunteer role requires a Police Information Check, you will need to get it from your local RCMP or police force, which we will reimburse up to $25. In most cases, this service is provided without cost when you present a letter from our organization, which we are happy to provide.


I already am a volunteer for the City of Edmonton, can I volunteer at Fort Edmonton Park?

Yes. You will still need to attend a Fort Edmonton Park Orientation, since our site has several specific challenges and requirements that differ from other facilities. Sign up for the opportunities that interest you, and we will contact you for an orientation when that position is recruiting.


Can my family and friends come for free while I volunteer?

Once you’ve completed your 20 hour minimum commitment, you will receive discount coupons to share with your family and friends; the more hours you volunteer, the more coupons you get. Plus, once your shift is complete, we encourage you to stay and enjoy the park.  We believe our volunteers are great ambassadors for the park, and want to help you to bring down you friends, or better yet, recruit them as volunteers, too!