Scotland’s Greatest Contribution to Edmonton


This past weekend, July 13- 14 2013, Fort Edmonton Park celebrated Edmonton’s Scottish and Irish heritage with the 2013 Celtic Gathering Over the two-day long celebration, Edmontonians had the opportunity to experience true Celtic culture with events such as caber toss, whiskey tasting, piping performances and much more.

photo: Mark Hill

photo: Mark Hill






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Adele Schnatschneider




It is undeniable that Scotland has had a powerful influence on the lives of Edmontonians powerful? This question was posed to guests at the Celtic Gathering,

with the options of:

  • Food
    (Haggis was served out on 1885 & 1905 Streets)
  • Music
    (There was no escaping the sound of the bagpipes!)
  • Literature/philosophy
    (Robbie Burns, Adam Smith)
  • Labour
    (The Orkney Islands supplied many HBC fur traders)

Scotland's Greatest Contribution to Edmonton-2_html_3613f5e2Hundreds of votes were submitted and much discussion was had over which category should be chosen as having the most impact on the lives of Edmontonians. Guests could refer to our Scottish History Self-Guided Tour pamphlets and ask our interpreters for advice on the vote. In the end, the winner was . . . music, by a landslide!

It is evident that Scotland has touched the lives of Edmontonians in many ways and that, without its influence, an integral part of Edmonton’s identity would be lost.

Keep a watch out for future “button” polls!