Boy and his Train

“You hear that train, Mama?” – Share your story – Rae-Anna

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Boy and his TrainI have such fond memories of Fort Edmonton Park as a child. My family would often buy an annual pass which allowed us to stop by for as long or short of a visit as we had time for. Weekly Sunday afternoon picnics were the best! ¨¨It is so fun for me to now see the Fort through the lens of my own children! My son was barely one year old when we started bringing him. The train and horses quickly became his favorite things. Last September he went around for days saying, “The train is broken. We had to ride the street car instead!” He was beyond thrilled when we took that familiar drive May long weekend and he saw the gates open! “You hear that
train, Mama?”, he exclaimed excitedly. We took him up to the steam engine where the friendly engineers smiled and greeted him. This began a months-long research project on “What does the steam do?” led entirely by him! I know more about pistons and driving rods than I ever thought I could! He just turned three a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure you can guess what his number one request for his birthday was…a trip to Fort Edmonton! My daughter is 19 months so can’t express her love for the place in words quite yet, but shows us with her huge grin every time we tell her we’re going there! ¨¨I tell everyone I know about “Fort Ed” (as we affectionally call it!). The annual pass is such a great value for a family. We love the wide open spaces to explore together, watching the animals, riding the train, and the historical setting. No “flashing lights and loud noises” are needed to keep my kids’ attention here! We plan to keep coming back for years, watching our kids grow up with their own sweet memories of time spent together at the Fort. ¨¨The picture I’ve enclosed is one of MANY we have with one or both of our kids on, or by, the train! Let me know if you’d like to see a different one! Thanks for reading our little love story of Fort Edmonton!

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