Streetcar at Fort Edmonton Park in the Summertime

“What’s Your Fort Edmonton Park Story“ Arafat Huoseh

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As a child, we didn’t get the chance to visit, unless our school would take us, and that was a rare event itself¦ so after many years and, many kids (five), my wife and I were planning a day trip. For some reason I said Fort Edmonton Park and the fact my wife is an immigrant, she had never seen it. 

Thank you for the memories.Arafat Huoseh

Well we went… upon arrival a flood of memories hit… I was overwhelmed… I remembered how i was holding my moms hand once and eating baked goods…I could smell them. I also remembered the mosque my father had helped move from where the Royal Alex was. We went on the entire tour and left nothing out except the amusement park. (I may be a kid at heart, but my body ain’t). Nonetheless, it gave us an excuse to come over and over again¦ I love Fort Edmonton Park, as does my entire family. It is a very rich history of Edmonton that makes me proud. Even the visit makes me feel home. Thank you for the memories. Also thank you for not changing one of the best if not the best place to visit!