A Lot Like You Quiz

It is the first day of your long weekend and you have no homework. How do you imagine spending your perfect long weekend:

Building something or working on a new craft
Playing video games and talking to friends online
Reading a new book
Baking something to share with family or friends
Meeting your friends to talk to them
Playing on your sports team

What is your dream job?

Owning your own business filled with things you make
Writing for a newspaper, blog or magazine
Teaching people
Working to help people feel better
Negotiating a peace deal
Becoming Prime Minister of Canada

Choose the store you most like to shop at:

Health Food Store
Swap Market

Choose the place you would most like to visit:

Hogwarts library
CNN newsroom
The museum in Night at the Museum
A Spa
The United Nations
The White House

What is your favorite subject at school:

Language Arts
Social Studies