We Have Always Been Here

Spring Field Trip

Indigenous Peoples Experience

Grades 4 & Up

Indigenous have inhabited this land since time immemorial. Discover how culture and values have defined First Nations and Métis ways of knowing while exploring the exhibits at the brand new Indigenous Peoples Experience.

Through a guided experience with cultural experts, learners are introduced to expressions of "Terra Nullius" or ‘nobody’s land’, and how First Nations and Métis worldviews have contributed to long-lasting acts of meaning and resilience. We have always been here, and continue to be today. 

*Please note, topics of residential schools and their continued impact will be discussed in this program. 


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Curriculum Links

Social Studies

  • Alberta: The Land, Histories and Stories 
  • 4.1 Alberta: A Sense of the Land 
  • 4.2 The Stories, Histories and People of Alberta


English Language Arts 

  • 1.1 Discover and Explore 
  • Express ideas and develop understanding  
  • Use appropriate prior knowledge and experiences to make sense of new ideas and information
  • Read, write, represent and talk to explore personal understandings of new ideas and information 
  • Use own experiences as a basis for exploring and expressing opinions and understanding

Social Studies

  • Canada: Origins, Histories and Movement of People 
  • 7.1 Toward Confederation 
  • 7.2 Following Confederation: Canadian Expansions