There Is Meaning In Everything

Spring Field Trip

Indigenous Peoples Experience

Grades 4 & Up

The land grounds us in everything we do. From language, to family, to how we see the world, nature connects every part of life. Exploring both inside and outside of the Indigenous Peoples Experience, learners will discover how the living natural world is foundational to First Nations and Métis ways of understanding through land-based learning activities.

From the indigenous world view, everything has a purpose, teachings or learning: there is meaning in everything. 

*Please note, topics of residential schools and their continued impact will be discussed in this program.

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Curriculum Links

English Language Arts 

  • Use ideas and concepts, developed through personal interests, experiences and discussion, to understand new ideas and information


  1. Plant Growth and Changes

Social Studies

Canada: The Land, Histories and Stories 

  • 5.1 Physical Geography of Canada
  • 5.2 Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada


  • Weather Watch
  • Wetland Ecosystems 


  • Trees and Forests