Kids taking a ride on the Ferrish Wheel at the Midway
Kids taking a ride on the Ferrish Wheel at the Midway

5 Reasons to Bring Your Family to Fort Edmonton Park

There are few parks so recognizable and classic that visiting them isn’t just tradition; it’s a rite of passage. Fort Edmonton Park fits this description perfectly. Here at Expedia Canada, we love when families travel together, which is why we’ve partnered with Fort Edmonton Park to present you the top undeniable reasons to bring your family to Fort Edmonton Park this year.

Picnic Baskets of Goodness

Image 1 - Picnic & Ducks

When’s the last time you enjoyed a good old-fashioned picnic? Give your kids a taste of nostalgia with a picnic in Fort Edmonton Park. Roll out the gingham blanket and open up the basket of goodies. The soft grass of the park gives ample space for you to plop down and picnic just about anywhere. Plus, the lush scenery provides the ideal setting for any sort of games you want to play after lunch.

Things That Make You Say Wheeeee!

Image 2 - Ferris Wheel

You love rides, the kids love rides, so why not enjoy some at Fort Edmonton Park? There’s a plethora of options waiting for little ones to try. Watch them circle around the antique carousel atop hand-carved horses. Hold them tight as you all ascend the Ferris wheel and see the landscape below. Think your tot is a sharp shooter? Head to the turn-of-the-century shooting gallery and try to outmatch the kiddos. For other entertainment, there’s the Tom Thumb Miniature Golf Range, pony rides, and old-fashioned arcade machines.

Choo Choos for Everyone  

Image 3 - Train

If you and your family have never ridden the rails together, now’s the perfect time. For something simple, you can take the kids on their first streetcar ride. Word to the wise: The streetcars don’t allow strollers, walkers, or wheelchairs as a safety policy. For something more rustic, hop on a horse-drawn wagon that will take you around the park and past all of the main attractions. Just remember to book your lift at least four weeks before your trip, as these rides are enormously popular. Additionally, you can board the 1919 Baldwin Steam Train, which takes you and the fam to the 1846 Hudson’s Bay area of the park.

History in Person  

Image 4 - Park Characters

As a family, it’s important to learn about your roots. At Fort Edmonton Park, you can learn about the origins of the region with costumed interpreters and antique recreations. The park is divided into four different eras, and all are worth a lengthy visit. Learn about bartering and trading in the 1846 Fur Trading Era. Visit barn animals at Ottewell Farm and take a horse-drawn carriage in the 1885 Settlement Era. In the 1905 Municipal Era, tour the home of Alberta’s first Premier, Alexander Rutherford. Remember to pick out an ice cream cone at the confectionery before catching a show at the historic Capitol Theatre in the 1920 Metropolitan Era section.

Families have been coming to Fort Edmonton Park for generations. Start a family tradition of your own with a visit this year.

Jennifer Cuellar

Expedia Canada Staff Writer

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