Lads on the River Weekend


Date: July 25 and 26

Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Cost: Regular admission applies

See our magnificent York boat strive against that winding ribbon of blue and welcome the Hudson Bay Company workers to the river shore. Their arrival meant the reunion of families and the continuation of trade.

York Boat Arrival at the River Gate (1 pm)

Our tripmen have returned from their arduous journey. Join us on the banks of the North Saskatchewan for a celebratory return and dance! First, we may need help packing the goods up to the Fort.

Lads on the River at the Courtyard (12 pm & 2 pm)

Some of the men finished their contracts when they returned to the Bay. Help us train some new tripmen for the 4 month journey next spring!

Boat Construction at the Boatyard (12 pm – 4 pm)

The boats returned in really rough shape. Time to start on new boats that can weather next seasons journey. Learn the ins and outs of building the stalwart York Boat.

Ask an Expert “ The York Boat Captain (All day)

Chat with Teresa Griffiths, the Captain of the Peace River York Boat expedition. She’ll have pictures and copies of her book on hand to help illustrate this historic recreation!