Fort School

Fort School, as part of the Inquiring Minds Network, is a unique week-long onsite program where students are able to explore, discover and inquire into their learning.

Fort School is unique in that it situates students within the living history of Edmonton and moves them beyond the curriculum to give them an understanding of the history of their city, their communities, and how they can shape the future of both. Prior to their arrival at Fort School, teachers and the Fort School Educator create an individualized program for the class for their week. This program is developed around the Alberta curriculum and ensures that students are able to engage in hands-on, cross-curricular learning during the week. Lessons link students to social studies, language arts, math, science, health, and art curriculum. When they arrive, students participate in a variety of multi-sensory and diverse learning activities that brings their education to life through inquiry-based, experiential learning. Through the students’ use of journals both prior to and after their visit, Fort School becomes a year-long learning experience that continually ties back to their time at Fort Edmonton Park. It is always the goal to foster lifelong learning.

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Important Dates:  

  • Teacher Application Deadline: May 11, 2018.
  • Teachers will be informed about the outcome of their application May 25, 2018.

Fort School FAQ:

Who should apply?

Individual teachers must apply to be accepted to the program. Any teacher who will be attending our site must complete the application themselves and should be familiar with the Inquiring Minds network philosophy.

What if I change classes or schools after applying?

An accepted application follows and remains with that teacher who applied, not the class or school.

What if I have more than one teacher and class hoping to attend the same school?

For multiple classes from the same school, separate applications must be filled out for each teacher and class applying.

I attended last year. Do I need to apply again?

Yes. If you have applied in a previous year, you are expected to submit a new application.

What makes an application successful?

The teacher is the driving force of the Fort School experience, and applications should reflect their level of commitment.


For more information regarding applications:

please visit

or contact our Fort School Educator:

Katelyn Broadhead
phone: 780.944.5493


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