Fort School

A week at Fort Edmonton Park? Your class can join as we explore and experience all that history has to offer! Tour through our 1846 Fort, bake over a wood-burning stove, make the front page of an Edmonton Bulletin, run for Mayor of Edmonton in 1905, learn about WWI  and chronicle your adventures with memories that will last a lifetime.

Fort School is a unique week-long specialized, on-site program where students are able to explore, discover and inquire into their learning at Fort Edmonton Park.

As they experience Edmonton’s history from 1846 to the 1920s, students gain an understanding of the history of their city, their communities, and how they, as citizens, can shape the future of both the city and the communities in which they live. They come to make Edmonton’s story, their story.

Your Fort School program is individually developed around the Alberta curriculum and ensures that students are able to engage in hands-on, cross-curricular learning during the week they spend at the Park.

Fort School is part of the Inquiring Minds Network of site schools and is an application-based program.


Booking details

Fort School operates September through April. Accepted classes will be spread out through this period.  Final acceptance will be based upon number of applications received.   Final acceptance is at the discretion of the site coordinator.  For further information, please contact Heather Polasek.

Heather Polasek
Fort School Supervisor
Fort Edmonton Park
Phone: (780) 944-5493