UPDATE: Animal Welfare February 2019

FEP News

Fort Edmonton Park wants the community to know that we take the concerns about two horses recently sold at auction very seriously, providing the best care to our animals at the park is very important to us.

To help us understand the situation, we will be reviewing the veterinary report of Thelma, and the Necropsy report of Major once it is received from the owner.

Due to this situation, we are having our herd assessed, and will be reviewing our animal welfare practices.

We have also been in contact with the new owner, and plan to continue working with her to address her concerns.

We are truly committed to understanding the circumstances that led to the passing of Major and ensuring that all animals at the Park are well cared for.

We will also work with the City and others who are knowledgeable in best practices for transferring livestock ownership to determine options for the future.