Update on Expansion

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Fort Edmonton Park is located along the North Saskatchewan river valley in Edmonton and provides guests the opportunity to experience life in the region in earlier times. Fort Edmonton Park is expanding and improving the historical and cultural accuracy of its buildings, programming and exhibits as well as improving the visitor experience. Major projects within this expansion include:

  • Expansion of the 1920’s Midway;
  • Expansion of the Hotel;
  • Construction of a new Indigenous Peoples Experience;
  • Replacement and upgrading of utilities throughout the park; and,
  • Construction of a new front entry and guest admissions area.

1. 1920’s Midway Expansion

Built to recreate the Midway featured at the Edmonton Summer Exhibition, the proposed expansion will reflect a typical 1920’s carnival plan. There will be new and improved attractions and games added to the Midway. Visitors can ride bumper cars, a roller coaster, a kids train, a larger Ferris wheel, explore a maze and more.

2. Hotel Expansion

Edmonton’s history includes rapid growth as a commercial centre in the 1920’s. Hotels played an important role in the social and commercial development of our city. The proposed hotel expansion is envisioned to be a 3 story building, which will be located between the existing Hotel Selkirk and the Capitol Theatre. The Hotel expansion is intended to improve event services and programming through:

  •  22 additional hotel rooms;
  • A 250 person ballroom for special events, weddings, conferences, or corporate events;
  • Improved lobby space for programming, hosting special events, and entertainment services connected to the Capitol Theatre;

3. Indigenous Peoples Experience

The creation of the Indigenous Peoples Experience within Fort Edmonton Park offers an opportunity to integrate both pre- and post-contact history to tell the stories of Indigenous Peoples with respect and accuracy. Similar to the other venues in Fort Edmonton Park, the vision for the Indigenous Peoples Experience is to be a living museum.

The Indigenous Peoples Experience includes dedicated new buildings containing First Nations’ and Métis’ exhibits, programming, artifacts, graphics and media to bring the halls to life and offer a more complete picture of the role of Indigenous people in the development of the Edmonton region. The Indigenous Peoples Experience will offer learning spaces to support additional Indigenous programming and learning opportunities for schools and community groups to utilize.

4. Utility Upgrades

An extensive review of the condition of Fort Edmonton Park’s existing surface and subsurface infrastructure identified a critical need to address the limitations of the existing underground infrastructure from both a condition and a capacity perspective. As a result, all existing underground utilities will be replaced with infrastructure that will allow for future expansion of services. This includes, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, natural gas, power, water, and communications.

5. New Front Entry and Guest Admissions Area

To accommodate the increase in the number of guests to the park, a new welcome area will be constructed at the Front Entrance. This new area will include the admission gates, washrooms, a gift shop and guest services.

Construction Timeline

The FEPE project has many components and as such will be delivered over multiple phases between 2017 and the end of 2020. Construction activities are scheduled to begin in early 2018 and continue through to completion in 2020.

Environmental and Historic Resources Impact Assessment

In preparation for the construction, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and a Historical Resources Impact Assessment have been completed for the project area. Results of the assessments are briefly described below. The full report is available at https://www.edmonton.ca/projects_plans/parks_recreation/fort-edmonton-park-enhancement.aspx.