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Rexall Place · Thursday, June 5, 2014 · 7:30 pm

The Rotary Legacy Project Committee and the Fort Edmonton Foundation have been working together to raise funds for the building of a new attraction at Fort Edmonton Park “ The Windsor/Albion commercial building. Towards this end, the two entities have recently engaged Dr. Oz to speak at Rexall Place on June 5, 2014. One hundred percent of the proceeds after costs will be donated to the development of this project.

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The plan – still in its conceptual phase – is for a three story building to fill the space between the Hotel Selkirk and the Capitol Theatre on 1920’s street. The preliminary design plans utilizes a re-creation of the front faà§ades of both the Windsor and Albion commercial buildings that were originally situated in downtown Edmonton in the early 1920’s.

As with the original, the building will extend the Hotel Selkirk guestroom spaces on the top two floors, increasing the number of rooms from 30 to 52. The main floor will house a flexible meeting space to accommodate up to 250 guests banquet style. Preliminary plans also include a large lobby space that will connect the Hotel Selkirk with the Capitol Theatre and provide much need reception area.

This addition to Fort Edmonton Park will serve as an on-going revenue generating opportunity that will positively impact the implementation of the development plans and sustainability of this important cultural institution.

Background Information

Fort Edmonton Park and Rotary

– The Edmonton Rotary Club affiliation with Fort Edmonton Park goes back to the Park’s very inception. Samuel Dickson, Q.C., an Edmonton lawyer, organized the Rotary Club of Edmonton in 1916. It was he, as part of a delegation made up of Northern Alberta Pioneers and members of the Old Timers Association, who in 1948, approached then Premier

– In 1967, Merrill Wolfe, President of the Rotary Club of Edmonton and Henry Ward, also with the Rotary Club of Edmonton, demonstrated their enthusiasm for the Fort Edmonton project by authorizing a $40,000 pledge on behalf of the club and gathering $20,000 worth of support from other local Rotary clubs, including South Edmonton, West Edmonton and Northeast Edmonton. These pledges provided enough capital for the clubs to commence with the project on the site provided by the City of Edmonton. Soon after, the Edmonton Rotary Club donated another $75,000, which enabled them to erect the palisades and bastions.

– Under the direction of Merrill Wolfe and Henry Ward, the Fort Edmonton committee of the Edmonton Rotary Club remained the driving force behind the development of the Park until 1969. Towards the end of that year, seven men met to discuss the future of leadership of Fort Edmonton Park. It was the birth date of the Fort Edmonton Foundation.

– Various local branches of the Rotary Club have continued to stay involved with Fort Edmonton Park, sharing the founders’ dream of honouring, celebrating, and preserving the pioneer courage and entrepreneurial spirit that built Edmonton through a variety of projects, initiatives and events, including Harvest Fair, which was a local favourite for many years.

– In 2016, The Rotary Club of Edmonton will be celebrating its centennial.

The Fort Edmonton Foundation

– The Fort Edmonton Foundation is a charitable organization that provides fund-raising support the Fort Edmonton Management Company.

– The Fort Edmonton Foundation was formed in 1969. Original members of the foundation were John A. Beckingham, Raymond Ludford, James G. MacGregor, H. Stan Ragan, J. Newton Shortliffe, Henry G. Ward, and Merrill. E. Wolfe.

– The 2013/2014 Board of Directors are as follows: Don Smith (President), Sue Currie (Past President), Gordon Lithgow (Treasurer), Lyndon Decore, Donald Kramer (QC), Penny Omell, Bill Stephens, Kevin Trumpour, Karla Horcica, Louise Hayes, Shannon Boyer, and Jeff Polovick.

Windsor_Block_youtubeThe Windsor-Albion Block Project

– This commercial building is one component of the 5 year master plan, which was approved by City Council on May 12, 2010. Other components include: The Indigenous Peoples’ Experience, a new admission entrance, and the 1920’s Midway expansion.

– The Fort Edmonton Management Company will be following the City of Edmonton approved process for undertaking projects of this nature.

– The estimated cost of the Windsor/Albion building component is between $8 and $12 million dollars.

– The estimated completion date is Spring 2017.

Get your tickets here, tickets start at $79.00 > 

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