Blue Collar Cat Program

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As part of our chemical-free rodent control initiative, we’re excited to welcome a few new furry friends to our pest management team here at Fort Edmonton Park! These kitty exterminators are part of the Blue Collar Cat program, which relocates feral cats from Animal Care & Control Centre (ACCC) to City of Edmonton facilities as an alternative to euthanasia. At our facilities, these feral cats are provided with shelter, water, and food, and their condition is monitored daily.

While most cats that come into ACCC find a loving home, feral cats are often unadoptable, having never been in close contact with humans. These feral cats are first vaccinated, fixed, and microchipped, and then they are ready to start their moussing careers. The program started just a month ago and the City of Edmonton has already placed 20 feral cats!

You most likely won’t see our mousers at Fort Edmonton Park, since they are nocturnal and like to spend their afternoons lounging in their kitty houses. But if you do happen to see these fuzzy members of our team, don’t be surprised if they aren’t as friendly as the rest of our staff members, since they have never been domesticated.

If you are interested in employing some mousers of your own, the City of Edmonton also offers the Barn Buddy program for rural residents who are able to offer shelter, food, and water to feral cats. If you are interested in learning more about the City of Edmonton’s Barn Buddy program, click here.