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Blogger-in-residence: Andy the Calf

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Sophie is not your average 11 year old little girl. You might recognize her from many of the Fort Edmonton Park advertisements she is featured around the city. She is our blogger-in-residence this summer and we couldn’t be more excited to show you her experiences at the Park. Sophie currently attends a local school Edmonton, Alberta. She loves to play the ukelele, singing and soccer.

Andy, the newest baby calf has been born! He was born on Thursday, July 17th. Of course, Andy is a male calf and right now is quite small and shy. Although it might not be shyness – it might be the fact that his grandmother (pictured below), Tiptoe, always has two large cow eyes on the people.

The name Andy came when some staff from Fort Edmonton park went to a farm where they found bones. They were upset because they thought that it was the bones of one of their old horses named “Andy.” So, they named the baby calf in honour of Andy the horse only later finding that the Andy the horse had not died, and the bones were probably old. But, they decided to keep the name for the baby calf, because it suited him so well.

Andy the Calf | Fort Edmonton Park