Whether you are holding a conference, meeting, wedding, company social, corporate retreat, product launch or fundraiser, let Fort Edmonton Park help you deliver the greatest time in history for your next gathering!  Fort Edmonton Park offers a diverse selection of 10 distinct rental venues in addition to the Hotel Selkirk, offering a truly unique setting for any gathering.

  • +Rental Details
    Final details, floorplan, method of transportation and number of guests confirmation are required FOUR WEEKS PRIOR to your scheduled event date. Sample floorplans are sent with your booking confirmation/license agreement. Changes or any additional services requested following this date will be subject to additional fees. Standard floorplans will be provided if we do not receive your floorplan. You may choose to modify this plan during your set up time.

    Rental Payment Schedule:

    All fees quoted in this package include GST and are subject to change without notice.

    An Initial Payment equal to 50% of the total estimated rental costs is due at the time of booking. The balance of the estimated rental fees is payable upon receiving an invoice, which will be due the first day of the previous month prior to your function.

    For bookings that are confirmed with sixty (60) days notice or less, the balance of all estimated rental charges is due at the time of booking.

    Payments for extra fees incurred for additional services, clean up fees, etc. will be due upon receiving an invoice following your function.

    Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or a cheque payable to “The City of Edmonton”. Cash or debit card payments may be accommodated by contacting your facility representative.

  • +Cancellation
    Written cancellation received within 7 days of confirmation will receive a full refund of the booking deposit paid, less a $30 administration fee. Written cancellations received within 14 days prior to the function start date will forfeit the total rental fees.

  • +Sound Levels
    Fort Edmonton Park is committed to managing the sound levels emanating from the Park. A Good Neighbour Policy has been adopted by the Park and renters MUST adhere to the following points:

    a) The maximum noise level will not exceed 90 Dba, in keeping with the City of Edmonton bylaw #7255.

    b) Sound will be monitored. Failure to comply will result in termination of music for the event.

    c) Social functions using Egge’s Barn are to ensure that shutters are closed whenever music or entertainment activities are performed.

    d) Outdoor entertainment must not extend past 11pm) Outdoor fire pits will be extinguished by 11pm.

  • +Parking
    During regular operational hours, vehicles will only be permitted on site 30 minutes after the Park closes to the public. Guests attending functions in advance of closing will be directed to park in the main public parking lot and may proceed into the Park by foot, train or streetcar.

    All large events scheduled at the Park at any time of the year, are limited to the main public parking lot. For your evening events, limited designated parking is available on site. Please refer to your license agreement and parking map provided by your booking agent and ensure that all of your guests are aware and are provided with a map.

    NOTE: Parking on the street is not permitted at any time.  Should you need to leave your vehicle overnight at the Park, we ask that it is moved BEFORE 8 a.m. or the vehicle will be towed. If possible, please move vehicles to the main lot before leaving.

  • +Pointers & Event Reminders
    The following pointers are included to make your special event even easier.

    1. During the summer operating season, access to several of the rental facilities is limited. Facilities such as the Clerks’ Quarters and Kelly’s Saloon are used for daytime interpretation and are not ready until one half hour following closing to allow the Park staff to clean the facility. Also please note that caterers may require 1-1.5 hours to complete an involved set up.
    2. In certain circumstances, early access times for set up and deliveries may be accommodated (subject to availability). Please contact your facility representative if you require additional time.
    3. During the summer season, all deliveries requiring the use of a vehicle on-site MUST be made by 9:30 a.m. before the Park opens or 15 minutes after the Park closes.
    4. The renter is responsible for ensuring the facility is left in the same condition as it was received. Please use appropriate drainage facilities to dispose of leftover beverages and ice. All equipment, catering supplies and decorations brought for your event must be removed from the Park at the conclusion of your event. Failure to do so will result in a clean up fee of $150/hour being charged to the client. Please note that all guests and items must be off the premises by 2:00am.
    5. Bar services (the service of alcohol) can be arranged with your exclusive caterer or if you wish to provide bar service independently of a caterer a valid liquor license is required for your event. All equipment and supplies must be provided by either your caterer or arranged yourself. Fort Edmonton Park does not provide any equipment or ice for bar services.

  • +Wedding FAQ

    Congratulations on your engagement! When you decide to say “I do” let Fort Edmonton Park help create that special day with you. Please view our frequently asked questions to help you organize and alleviate some of those burning questions about having your wedding at Fort Edmonton Park.

     Answers to your wedding questions

Rentals Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Park open? 
Fort Edmonton Park is open to the general public from the May Long Weekend until the last Sunday in September.

On weekdays in May & June the Park’s hours are 10:00am to 4:00pm.
On weekends in May & June the Park’s hours are 10:00am – 6:00pm

In July August the Park’s Hours are 10:00am – 6:00pm every day.
In September the Park is open exclusively on weekends from 10:00am – 4:00pm.

Vehicles are permitted on-site outside of the hours the Park is open. During the summer season all vehicles must be removed off-site by 9:30am. They are permitted on-site no earlier than 30 minutes after closing.
Restricted access may also apply during special seasonal events such as Christmas Reflections.

Why can’t I drive on-site during public hours?

Modern vehicles driven by members of the general public are not permitted on-site during public hours for safety reasons. With the Park’s historic buildings, animals, old growth vegetation, along with high volumes of children roaming the facility can create a situation not conducive to motor vehicles being present without significant hazards. As a precaution only Fort Edmonton Park’s trained staff, and emergency vehicles are permitted on-site during those hours.[/accordion][/accordion_content]

My event requires a catering or delivery of items from a third party during public hours, what are my options?
Our exclusive use caterers work with our staff in procuring a historically accurate vehicle to shuttle their food from the service road, to the venue.

For all other deliveries during the day the delivery vehicle will have to unload from the service road and carry the items to the venue. We advise bringing wagon or dolly to ease with the physical logistics of this.

I have a disabled/elderly guest that needs to go on-site, where I can drop them off?
Elderly/disabled guests can be dropped off at the Hotel Selkirk along the service road, which has a handicap accessible ramp to 1920 & 1905 Street. After the drop-off, the vehicle must return and park in the Main Parking lot.

After public hours or in the off-season; how do my guests drive/park on-site?
Guests will need to take the service road, and check in with the Gate Host to receive further parking directions.

Can we use any period transportation (horses, street car, train) to transport guests to the venue?
Yes, certain period transportation such as horse drawn rides can be arranged through your rental coordinator prior to the event date. Street Cars, & the 1919 Steam Train are available for private charters after public hours.
Unfortunately due to their un-reliability, we do not make antique cars available for private usage.
Period transportation is for guests only. Equipment, or supplies must use the service road delivery method described above.

 Contact an Event Planner

Arranging to View Facility

Viewings of the facilities are arranged by appointment only. To arrange a facility viewing, please contact the Booking Office at:

Phone: 780-423-4069
Fax: 780-496-8797
Email: sales@fortedmontonpark.ca