Indigenous Perspective Workshops

Indigenous Perspective Workshops

Our new Indigenous Perspective Workshops are designed to enhance the diverse Indigenous voices and perspectives, and the best of what amiskwaciwâskahikan, Beaver Hills House (Edmonton) - has to offer.

Centred around authentic cultural perspectives, both traditional and contemporary, the workshops immerse participants in Indigenous world views through hands-on learning experiences, storytelling, and traditional teachings.

We've added a few more dates for the popular Introduction to Natural Dyes and Porcupine Quills workshop.

This workshop lays a foundational understanding of Indigenous art and how the land provides the various elements that come together to form a single art piece. 

The morning starts with a fireside cup of tea where participants will hear traditional teachings, stories, and cultural perspectives to learn about the Traditional uses of quills, natural materials, and how to prepare dyes. Through discussions, hands-on learning, and creating their own custom piece, participants will be encouraged to look at everything as being related and how each element is needed in order to create a beautiful outcome.

December 4, 11, 18 and January 8
12:30 - 3:00 pm
Tickets: $75 + GST

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Recommended for ages 14+


About the Facilitator
Natalie Pepin is a Harvard graduate who left university with a profound desire to live simply and regain a connection with the land. As an Indigenous woman, Natalie seeks to bring her traditions, stories, and culture to life. In her Métis culture, being a bridge between two worlds is a longstanding value. With this as a firm guiding light, she offers traditional skills and Indigenous arts-focused workshops. 

Sharing on topics such as brain tanning, moccasin making, beading, and building relationships with edible and medicinal plants, Natalie hopes to connect her community with the skills, arts, language, stories, and culture of the Métis Nation