DARK - Some chills you never forget


Recommended for persons
14 years of age or older.

DARK is here to haunt you to your core. There is nowhere to hide on the DARK streets of Fort Edmonton Park nestled deep in the river valley. Feel the adrenaline pump through your veins this Halloween as your mind is sent into a state of terror you’ve never felt before as you experience three horrifying attractions. Fight to survive an unlucky encounter with a cult hungry for followers, endure a haunting experience with an ill-fated wedding party, or go head to head with a pack of flesh-hungry werewolves.

Tickets only $30 for access to all three haunts.

An ill-fated wedding party haunts the living after their celebration was slashed short.  Are you brave enough to experience the nightmarish retelling of this sad tale?

Packs of ruthless werewolves have claimed their territory in Edmonton’s river valley. Those unlucky enough to survive will wish they hadn’t. Will you have any regrets?

There’s a new cult in town, and they’ve got taste. Members of the “Celebration of Undying Truth” are seeking immortality. Who will be next? Do you have what it takes?

Looking for more scares? Check out “Dead Centre of Town” – Edmonton’s only live action horror show inspired by true history as it possesses the Blatchford Field Air Hangar October 18th – 31st (intended for adults only). Keep the scares going after DARK with the Exorcist at the Capitol Theatre nightly at 11pm.

Ticket Options
DARK Tickets $30

Your ticket includes the three immersive haunts outlined above, and access to the DARK Circle for just $30*. Watch for the option to extend the scare with a movie ticket to the Exorcist for an additional $10*.

Eventbrite - DARK
*plus fees & GST

DARK and Dead Centre of Town for $55

Looking to go a little darker? See both the three immersive haunts of DARK + Dead Centre of Town for $55*.
18+ ONLY

Eventbrite - Dead Centre of Town on DARK nights
*plus fees & GST