DARK - Some chills you never forget
A train loaded with unsavoury weirdos and oddballs has arrived to set up a circus. While this ragtag group of characters unpack, look behind-the-scenes and navigate the maniacal maze of rooms. As the magic and mayhem grow with each step, you may begin to wonder if something more sinister is lurking in the shadows. 

A year ago, the “Celebration of Undying Truth” came to Edmonton. Originally thought of as the ultimate salvation, this cult has been forced underground due to hideous accusations of human atrocities. The church no longer openly recruits on the streets—their tactics for finding new members have become significantly more militaristic.

DARK 2019 Map

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Haunted Halloween - DARK - Fort Edmonton Park

Take a terrifying tour through the past as you’re guided through an abandoned estate in this premium haunt. Businessman and oil investor Charles Radbyrne and his family have long since vanished from this sprawling estate and the filthy grounds are now home to transient vagabonds. As the tour continues through the derelict buildings, and with sickening discoveries along the way, guests begin to wonder if spirits roam the old buildings. Do you have what it takes to defy the evil?

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Haunted Halloween - DARK- Fort Edmonton Park

Some people lived here. Many people died here. Not everyone moved on…and those left behind are desperate to tell you their story. Inspired by true history, this live-action thriller possesses Mellon Farm for an intimate and immersive theatrical retelling of some of Edmonton’s long-buried secrets. Secrets that can’t stay buried forever.

*This ticket includes front of line access to DARK haunts

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See Dead Centre of Town on it’s own: Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.*

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