Edmonton has a unique culinary history that stems from its seasons and its plants and animals, both those indigenous to the region as well as those introduced by the pioneers. At Fort Edmonton Park, this history is brought to life, in the heritage gardens and in elements of the interpretative programming.

In 2014, Fort Edmonton Park launched Heritage Catering as the exclusive catering company. We deliver the finest in delectable and memorable dining. All catering offerings have been carefully put together to highlight the harmony between flavour and ingredients.

Catering Menus

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Phone: 780-423-4069
Email: sales@fortedmontonpark.ca

Meet our Chefs

Joakim Gomes – Executive Chef

Joakim has had a passion for cooking from a very young age. His father was also a chef and watching him cook inspired Joakim to become a chef himself. After graduating from culinary school at age 22, he took up his first pre-opening assignment in the Middle East working under the guidance of a Michelin star chef. There he mastered elite cooking techniques, explored new ingredients and learned how to balance and enhance flavours so they bring out the best in each other. He worked with Hyatt Hotel Corporation as part of their pre-opening culinary team for six years, leaving them as Chef de Cuisine and moving to The Radisson as Executive Chef.

He moved to Canada in 2009 and lived in Kelowna and Toronto before eventually settling down in Edmonton. After a three-year stint as Executive Sous Chef with the Radisson Hotel Edmonton South, he was hired at Fort Edmonton Park as Executive Chef.

Joakim’s philosophy is “keeping it simple” where a single ingredient is the star of the show and others play a supporting role. He believes food should appeal to all our senses for the ultimate culinary experience. As part of his vision for providing an outstanding food experience, he puts the best plate of food on the table—regularly and proudly—showcasing Alberta’s best dishes, prepared from the freshest and highest quality local ingredients.