Scotland’s Greatest Contribution to Edmonton


This past weekend, July 13- 14 2013, Fort Edmonton Park celebrated Edmonton’s Scottish and Irish heritage with the 2013 Celtic Gathering Over the two-day long celebration, Edmontonians had the opportunity to experience true Celtic culture with events such as caber toss, whiskey tasting, piping performances and much more.                 It is undeniable that Scotland has had …

It’s Only a Paper Moon – Song

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This classic song from 1933 was written by written by Harold Arlen, and lyrics were written by E. Y. Harburg and Billy Rose. “It’s Only a Paper Moon” performed by our Fort Edmonton Park interpreters. We hope you enjoy.

An Edmonton Christmas in 1909

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At this time of year it’s tough to take a moment, put down the credit card, and truly enjoy the spirit of the holiday season. It’s not about buying and it’s not about wrapping. It’s about spending time with the family and friends you love. Today we take a look back at the hustle and bustle of the holidays in …

Early Automobiles in Edmonton

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Many know the first snowfall in Edmonton means a higher than average number of fender benders and traffic problems. Cold vehicles, scraping off windshields and sliding around on ice are well known evils of winter driving. However, there was a time when winter driving was even less comfortable for Edmontonians. In the Teens, both automobiles and horse-drawn vehicles were present …

Ask Tom – “Why Edmonton”?

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We had a recent question on twitter asking what made Edmonton such a great spot to build the Hudson’s Bay Fort here. We went to Public Programs Coordinator Tom Long (and our own personal Fort Edmonton Wikipedia) to find out more. “This is a fantastic question. It’s one of the reasons our theme for 1846 is ‘Why are we/you here?”, because …

Getting to Edmonton 1880s Style


If you had to travel to Britain tomorrow, the first thing you are likely to do is log on to your preferred airline’s website, search out the best deal for a flight and book a seat. The thing that you are most likely to do second is to start dreading the flight. We all complain about long flights; the bland …