What is this? – Stereoscope


Here’s the quick version from 1905 Supervisor Neil Cramer: That right there is a Stereoscope! It’s a device that has its lenses tilted slightly (like binoculars) so that when looking through it, you see one image. Specifically, the cards next to it depict the same photograph-well almost the same one. It’s the same picture, but what happens is that the …

Name That Object

1846 Fort, Trivia

We asked our Facebook friends to identify the object above. Do you know what it is? Public Interpretation Coordinator Tom Long fills us in… This simple ornament is a cloak pin or brooch. It can be used to hold a shawl or blanket closed around the shoulders of a woman in place of a coat. This brooch is made of iron (and …

March 2nd Fort Edmonton Trivia


If you were following Facebook today we presented you with a picture challenge. What building are these images from and what are they of. If you are here for the answers see below. How many did you get right? The answer to todays’s question was the Hotel Selkirk. see below for each individual image. Looking for more ways to test …