Edmontonians in the Spotlight – Shirley Kingslow Oliver, Pt 1

1920 Street, Edmontonians In The Spotlight

Shirley Kingslow Oliver: What brought you here, and where did you go? By Andrew Switzer   You may remember our ˜Spotlight’ series, having illuminated the lives of little-known Edmontonians in the past, including Louise Umphreville and Morris ˜Two-Gun’ Cohen. Today we’ll take you back to the 1920s and the life of jazz musician Shirley Kingslow Oliver! Something special for this edition: …

Slaughterhouses & The Ford Model T

1920 Street, Interesting Objects

Today, July 23rd commemorates the 110th birthday of the first Ford Model T vehicle ever built. This vehicle is generally regarded as the first affordable automobile that opened up travel across the Americas for the middle-class citizen.  This was partly because of the Ford’s innovation of using assembly lines instead of individual hand crafting to build his vehicles, but as …

Peonie Garden

Silver Heights Peony Garden

1920 Street

Established in 1921 by Dr. James Brander, the Silver Heights Peony Garden was a popular Edmonton landmark and the source for many of the peonies we still see across Western Canada today. This five acre site in Bonnie Doon boasted over two hundred varieties of peonies by the 1930’s, amidst a landscape of other flowers, shrubs and fruit trees. Reconstructed …

The Midway Carvers

1920 Street, Volunteers

If you’re down at the park for Christmas Reflections this season, you will see featured in one of the decorated windows a perfectly painted and glistening carved carousel horse. As a volunteer, you’ve likely seen such tremendous craftsmanship before while riding on our beautiful 1920s Carousel or the children’s Bug Ride and Menagerie. We all highly anticipate their next project: …

Alwyn Bramley-Moore – November 2, 1914

1920 Street, Letters From History

We’re a bit late in our Letter of the Past for November, which should have been posted on November 2. However, we have a special treat for our readers to make up for it. Today we encounter a letter from Alwyn Bramley-Moore to his daughter Dorothy. Bramley-Moore was born in England, but by the time of the Great War he …

A Look Inside The Capitol Theatre

1920 Street

The original Capitol Theatre reposed along the south side of Jasper Avenue, the main artery of Edmonton’s core since the 1880s. Those living today who remember the theatre before its demolition in 1972 may recall the splendour of a theatre remodeled in the golden age of motion pictures, its brightly-lit marquee capable of clearing snow from its front walk with …

Weeds! Weeds! Weeds!

1920 Street

Using Our Past to Protect Our Future One of the most frequent questions our Heritage Gardeners get asked is “Why are there so many weeds at Fort Edmonton Park?” Gardening in the very heart of the river valley presents many unique challenges, among them the fact that our very location is an ideal breeding ground for weed propagation. To control …

Back To Our Roots

1920 Street, Volunteers

Back To Our Roots: The Heritage Garden Interpretive Program at Fort Edmonton Park Did you know that Fort Edmonton Park boasts four Feature Gardens, 14 Kitchen gardens and two farm gardens designed to reflect the same standards of historical accuracy as the buildings and costumes you see throughout the four eras of the Park? Our Heritage Gardeners and garden volunteers …

The Great Gatsby Book Club

1920 Street

Hello Everyone! My name is Minnie Wershof and, as a graduate of the University of Alberta’s Department of English, I love to discover new and exciting books for all to read and discuss. I would be honoured if you would attend my weekly book club at Mellon Farm during the month of August to discuss the magnificent new book The …

It’s Only a Paper Moon – Song

1920 Street, Uncategorized

This classic song from 1933 was written by written by Harold Arlen, and lyrics were written by E. Y. Harburg and Billy Rose. “It’s Only a Paper Moon” performed by our Fort Edmonton Park interpreters. We hope you enjoy.

Al-Rashid Mosque

1920 Street, Volunteers

With the start of Ramadan fast approaching, Fort Edmonton Park would like to welcome all our wonderful followers to visit and learn more about Islam and its history in Edmonton! Many visitors will be aware that one of our historic gems is the original Al-Rashid Mosque, the first purpose-built mosque in Canada. How can you connect with this amazing building? Through Staff …

Everybody Loves My Baby – Song

1920 Street

Two of our lovely interpreters have a song for you to enjoy, a reminder to spend some time in the sun this weekend enjoying a moment or two with your significant other. This classic hit song is from the 1924 was composed by Spencer Williams, and lyrics were written by Jack Palmer.

National Poetry Month: The Forty-Niner

1920 Street, FEP News

During the First World War, the soldiers of the 49th Battalion collected news, reports, jokes and, yes, poetry and distributed them among their members. The 49th Battalion left Edmonton on 29 May 1915 and returned on 22 March 1919. During that period, it fought with the 7th Brigade, 3rd Division of the Canadian Corp, through many of the major battles of the …

1920s Midway & Exhibition Expansion is on the Horizon

1920 Street, FEP News

Fort Edmonton Park is now working on a vision for the expansion of the 1920s Midway and Exhibition. The main objective of the expansion is to add historical enhancements and a wider range of amusement choices, resulting in longer, more frequent guest visits. At the same time, consideration is being given to wet and cold weather cover, more permanent indoor …