Exploring Turtle Island

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By Keltie MacKenzie In light of the exciting announcement that Fort Edmonton Park will be receiving funding from the federal government, there has been a great deal of talk about one of the major aspects of this expansion, called the The Indigenous Peoples Experience (IPE). The IPE will aim to educate on Indigenous culture, treaties, and Indigenous history in the Edmonton …

Government of Canada Supports Expansion of Edmonton’s Historical Living Museum

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News release For immediate release March 3, 2017 Edmonton, Alberta | Infrastructure Canada Historical exhibitions embody the story of Canada, preserving the experiences of its people and places and inspiring visitors to explore and understand the world around them. The Government of Canada recognizes that strategic investments in public infrastructure—including funding for cultural projects—play a key role in supporting dynamic …

Windmill at Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton Park Windmill: Winds of Change

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By Keltie MacKenzie Pictured above is a structure that many visitors to Fort Edmonton Park have seen, but understandably few can identify. Take a guess…what do you believe it is? A. John Rowand’s watchtower B. An old windmill C. Edmonton’s first weather centre D. Rapunzel’s Tower, which is all that remains of the failed attempt to create a fairy tale …

Happy Valentine’s Day from Fort Edmonton Park

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Our friends at the City of Edmonton Archives went into the vaults to help us celebrate the day of love in historic style. Check out these charming early twentieth century Valentine’s cards, to see how historic Edmontonians celebrated Valentine’s Day, from the sweet to slightly racy! Are their love stories in your family’s past? Maybe a scandal or two? Discover your own …

Meet our Volunteers: Claude & Annabelle


The Villeneuves were not new to life in a historic setting when they started volunteering at Fort Edmonton Park: in fact, one might argue that existing in the modern world would be a foreign experience for Claude and Annabelle. Our beloved francophone volunteers joined us in 2014, portraying Furtraders in our 1846 Fort after years of re-enacting and learning historic trades …

Edmontonians in the Spotlight: Roberta MacAdams Part One

1920 Street, Edmontonians In The Spotlight, In The News

Part 1: Her Signal Honour By Suzanna Wagner Among Edmonton’s many remarkable citizens is Roberta MacAdams (1880-1959). In a forward-thinking city that often forgets to look back, Roberta MacAdams is a shining exemplar of the tremendous contributions Edmontonians have made to Alberta and to the greater world, and so it is fitting that on October 20, 2016, the Edmonton Public …

Why do we say that? | Pulling out all the stops

Why do we say that?: “Pull out all the stops”

Why do we say that?

If you’ve ever had a big deadline coming up, maybe a big school project or an important deadline at work, maybe your teacher or your boss told you that you needed to “pull out all the stops,” to hold nothing back and put your full effort into the project. The origins of this phrase lie in the music world, particularly …

Why do we say that? | Close but no cigar

Why do we say that?: “Close but no cigar”

Why do we say that?

If you’ve ever tried to guess the answer to a question and not quite gotten it right, maybe you’ve heard the expression “close, but no cigar!” It’s an expression used to indicate that someone has come very close to achieving something, but didn’t quite make it. Back in the early 1920s fairs and carnivals were very popular, and many of …

Why do we say that? Starting from scratch

Why do we say that?: “Starting from scratch”

Why do we say that?

If you’ve spent any time in a kitchen or watching cooking shows you’ve probably heard people use the expression “from scratch.” If someone tells you, for example, that they’re making a sauce from scratch, you understand that to mean that they’re starting from the very beginning and not using anything premade in their recipe. The origin of this expression is …

Rowand House | Fort Edmonton Park

Why do we say that?: “Sleep tight”

Why do we say that?

Many of us have fond memories of mom and dad tucking us in to bed at the end of the day, turning out the light and saying “sleep tight!” We understood that they were telling us to have a good sleep, but where does the expression “sleep tight” actually come from? Well, back in the 1800s instead of putting a …

Fort Edmonton Park pelts

Why do we say that?:”Mad Hatter”

Why do we say that?

If you know Lewis Carrol’s classic story “Alice in Wonderland,” you’ll be familiar with the Hatter. He’s often referred to as the Mad Hatter, and for good reason: Alice’s encounter with the Hatter involves a never-ending tea party, nonsensical poetry and impossible riddles. Carrol was likely inspired to create the Hatter by real-life people who were far less whimsical. Back …

Andy the Calf | Fort Edmonton Park

Blogger-in-residence: Andy the Calf

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Sophie is not your average 11 year old little girl. You might recognize her from many of the Fort Edmonton Park advertisements she is featured around the city. She is our blogger-in-residence this summer and we couldn’t be more excited to show you her experiences at the Park. Sophie currently attends a local school Edmonton, Alberta. She loves to play …