Era Information

1846 Fort: The Fur Trading Era

Top activities:

  • Catch a demonstration of a heritage skill such as beading, boat building, fur-grading, or Cree syllabics
  • Get to know one of the characters of the era
  • Participate in games and activities
  • Visit the Tipis
  • Barter for beads and other goods in the Trade Store

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 Streetcar, Wagon & Pony Rides


Ride the rails to 1905 and 1920 streets on streetcars that have been maintained by our valued volunteers of the Edmonton Radial Railway Society.

As a safety policy, we are no longer able to accommodate strollers, walkers, wheelchairs, or wagons on our streetcars.

Wagon Rides
Wagons pick up passengers in front of McDougall General Store. This quiet, scenic loop that goes past the pond and the Fort takes about 10 minutes.

Visitors wishing to ride again must wait in line for their turn. Children under 12 are not permitted to ride alone.

Pony Rides
Our adorable hard-working ponies are pleased to take little visitors who want to experience the pioneer west for a ride at the Ottewell homestead farm yard. The well-being of our ponies is carefully monitored by our Pony Handlers and unscheduled breaks may be called from time to time.

Rules and Regulations: Riders must be no taller than 48″ tall and must be able to sit upright without assistance. Rides are provided on a first-come-first-served basis. Riders and spectators must follow the instructions of the Pony Handlers at all times.

Please speak with one of our Pony Handlers for information about breaks and wait times.

Capitol Theatre

This new building, which was completed in Summer 2011, is a beautiful re-creation of Edmonton’s original Capitol Theatre, circa 1929.

See live theatre events and the astonishing 4D short film ‘Northern Light’.

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