Throughout Edmonton’s history, a partnership with animals was essential to a happy and sustainable life.


Packhorses were vital to Edmonton’s early days by helping to transport people and goods, and by 1905, farm animals were essential to feeding and sustaining entire communities.

This weekend is all about getting up close and personal with many of the animals in Fort Edmonton Park! Visitors can participate in a number of fun, hands-on events that allow them to meet gentle giants like horses and learn the stories about how important they were to growing Edmonton into the city it is today.

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1846 Fort

Gentlemen’s Tea: Gateway & Crossroads

Rowand House

1:30 PM – 20 minute program

Since time immemorial, Edmonton has been a crossroads of the west as well a destination. Join the Clerks for a cup of tea and fill them in on the future of the Gateway of the North!

 Test Your Bravery: Horse Capture

Cree Encampment

3:30 PM – 20 minute program

Only the most quiet and most careful of kids can help capture a few horses — are you ready and able?

The Combination: Job Action in 1851

Fort Courtyard

11:30 AM – 20 minute program

Paying the Company for horses that are used to do the Company’s business? This shall not stand! Join the workers in defying the Chief Factor and the Company. Demands shall be made. Fists shall be shaken!


1885 Street

Iron Shoes

Sanderson & Looby Blacksmith Shop

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

See our blacksmith at work and hear about how they craft footwear for horses.

Tacking Up

McCauley Livery Stable

2:00 PM – 2 hour program

Come to the Livery Stable and learn about horse tack, including saddles, bridles and all the parts to a horse’s harness. Stick around to see a harnessing demonstration.


1905 Street


Henderson Farm House

1:30 PM – 1 hour program

Hear about the first batch of bees Mr. Henderson acquired, and learn about what some of the beekeeping tools are for.

After the Bison

The wagon next to St. Anthony’s Church

11:30 AM – 2 hour program

Hear about the decimation of the great bison herds and how this affected Indigenous peoples in the Prairies.


1920 Street

Gentle Giants

Mellon Barn

1:00 PM – 2 hour program

Get up close with a 1000 kilogram draught horse and brush its coat. You’ll learn about the different breeds of horses at the Park and everything that goes into taking care of them.

Running on Horsepower

Mellon Farm

2:00 PM – 2 hour program

Model Ts might have been roaring around the roads in the 1920s, but most farms still relied on real horse power. Stop and chat about the role horses played in powering equipment on the farm.


Johnny. J. Jones Midway

Under the Big Top

Blue and White Tent

12:30 PM & 3:00 PM – 30 minute program

Step right up and come on in! Don’t miss out on the Midway’s famous variety show – catch it every Saturday and Sunday in the Blue and White Tent!


Guided Tours

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM – 2 hour tour

Start at the Courtyard Flagpole

Accompany our knowledgeable tour guide on a fascinating and informative two-hour walking tour of Fort Edmonton Park as they share stories and tales from Edmonton’s rich past.

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