Master Plan Update

Master Plan Update

Thank you to everyone who commented on the proposed plan to revitalize Fort Edmonton Park. We heard what you liked and what you didn’t and we’ve made changes to our go forward plan. The Fort Edmonton Management Company Board of Directors shares your passion for the Park and looks forward to creating an even better living history experience.
— Doug Goss, Chair, Fort Edmonton Management Company Board of Directors

In November 2009, representatives of the Fort Edmonton Management Company Board of Directors, the Fort Edmonton Foundation and Fort Edmonton Park and City staff worked with an international attractions consulting firm to develop an updated vision for Fort Edmonton Park and a plan to achieve that vision. A research company was then engaged to conduct a thorough consultation on the plan’s recommendations.

Based on the feedback received, the Fort Edmonton Management Company Board of Directors accepted the substance of the consultant’s recommendations and revised some of the specific proposals for enhancements to interpretive programming and exhibit approaches. The resulting Master Plan Update includes:

  • A clear commitment to historical and cultural integrity, including a commitment to retain Fort Edmonton Park’s status as a recognized museum by the Alberta Museum Association.
  • An increased emphasis on bringing Edmonton’s history to life through sound research by historians and curators and by increasing opportunities for visitors to interact with knowledgeable, well-trained interpreters.
  • Ensuring technology is used to complement, not drive, storytelling.
  • Revision to some proposed capital projects. For example, the Wilderness Waters attractions were removed and replaced with an Attractions Zone that will be further explored within the objectives of historical and cultural integrity.

The Master Plan Update for Fort Edmonton Park was subsequently approved by Edmonton City Council in mid May, 2010.

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