1920 “Slang” People to Know

1920 Street

Hi folks, today we’re going to take a closer look at some of the popular slang used in the 1920’s to describe popular people that everyone wanted to know. Out list contains eight names – can you think of any more? Reply in the comments below.

1. Big Egg & Butter Man – a man with a sizeable bank account, who was able to provide for his lady.

2. Big Cheese – someone who was very important.

3. Great on the Shindig – someone who really knew his/her way around the dancefloor.

4. Jazz Hound – originally meant someone who loved to dance, but recently has taken on a more jazz-related meaning due to the growing trend of Jazz in the 1920’s.

5. Bright Young Things – a term used to describe trendsetters of the 1920’s.

6. Sheik – a sexy, irresistible man.

7. Thrill – someone who was consider to be popular and a good time to hand around with.

8. Jack – not a man, but money. Knowing a man with a lot of jack, would be a good thing.

We had some great guesses on our Fort Edmonton Park Facebook Page. Can you think of any others? Let us know.