When Does the York Boat Set Sail?

1846 Fort, Ask Tom


Q: “When does the York Boat launch at Fort Edmonton Park”?

A: Generally we launch the York Boat early to mid July, depending on how high and fast the river is. After the boat is launched, it is anchored twenty feet from the shore for the rest of the season.

Staff will take it out for a row usually around 4 times. 2 for practise and 2 for visitors during a Special Event.

From Field to Table: A Horticultural Extravaganza (Aug. 27-28) is the most dependable time to see a York Boat arrival. We may do another at the Vintage Vehicle special event on July 23-24, conditions being favourable.

Because of the difficulty of rowing the boat, we do not allow visitors to ‘take an oar’ but they are welcome to inspect the boat in its current shelter, or the one currently being built inside the Fort.