Fort Edmonton Park – York Boat Fast Facts

1846 Fort

Today we look at one of the most important means of transportation for the Hudson’s Bay Company. Not familiar with the York boat? Here are some fast facts…

– The York boat played a vital role in the operations of the Hudson’s Bay Company

– The name “York boat” wasn’t adopted until the late 1880’s. Previously the boats were called “inland boats” or simply “boats”

– Ironically, the boats were not made in the York Factory. They were constructed at Albany House, where the Albany River enters James Bay

– George Sutherland built the first York boat at Edmonton House in 1795

– The average York boat built at Fort Edmonton were usually manned by 6-8 crew members and carried 4500 to 6300 lbs

– The average lifespan of a York boat was only 3 trips. 5-10 new boats were built each year

Here’s a reenactment of a York boat arrival at Fort Edmonton Park.